4 Good Reasons Why Lasik Surgery Might Be The Right Treatment For You

If you are afflicted with an eye condition such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism, it’s advisable that you consider refractive surgery. The most common and effective form of refractive procedure today is Lasik surgery. The good news is that there are eye clinics in Singapore which offer this option.


Of course, the standard procedure of going through consultations before surgery is still in place. So what you need to do is find a reliable eye clinic before you go through consultations to ensure that you get the best possible advice.

Anyway, if you’re still on a deciding phase, here are the most important reasons why Lasik surgery might be the best option you have in treating your eye problem:

  1. It’s a quick surgery with very little pain involved


In most cases, the surgery will only take between 10 and 15 minutes depending on the gravity of your eye condition. You won’t feel any pain because your eye will be anesthetized with eye drops before the surgery. The doctor will simply cut a small incision in your cornea prior to the laser treatment. After the surgery, you are usually allowed to go home to recuperate.

  1. The surgery’s success rate is 96%


This basically means that majority of those who go through the procedure get better and clearer vision. Those who don’t get better are usually due to negligence and failure to take care of the eye that went under the knife.

  1. You will no longer be dependent on contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses to make your sight clearer


As was mentioned earlier, the effects of laser treatment are more permanent in nature. You can get rid of your contact lenses and eyeglasses once your vision has stabilized.

  1. Recovery is quick


You will usually notice a significant improvement in your eye sight within 24 hours. However, to ensure that the incision heals properly, you should avoid rubbing your eyes or applying pressure to it in the next couple of weeks.


In conclusion, you should contact an eye specialist in Singapore¬†immediately if you want to have your eyesight fixed. The pre-procedure consultations will take at least a week. Once you are given the green light, you must set up an appointment with the eye surgeon as quickly as possible. See to it that you divulge important information to your surgeon to avoid side effects and complications. For instance, if you are currently taking medication for a different illness, you should inform the surgeon to verify if the medication won’t interfere with the surgery.

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